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Machinery & Farmland Appraisal Alberta

Machinery & Farmland Appraisal Alberta


Property DNA Group is your Lethbridge local source for machinery and farmland appraisal, Alberta! We know you have lots of questions regarding regional land value trends and want to know more about price per acre. Providing clients with the precise value of their equipment and land is one of our many specialties. Find out if you are on track for your next buying or selling adventure. Our professional and experienced team of accredited appraisers can help you determine if you are on budget or not.

Farmland Appraisal Alberta

Discovering the history of your property and its financial details is paramount to any real estate transaction. Whether you are leasing, buying, selling or transferring property, there are some key facts and figures that a professional appraisal can help you determine. Some clients need the information to take to their bank to free up funds for a renovation or farm expansion, others simply need some financial clarity for tax purposes. Some of the items that may be covered in your farmland appraisal include:

  • Land Values
  • Agri-business
  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Location
  • Future Development

Machinery Appraisals Can Make Or Break Your Investment

We’ve all seen the advertisements for a property that comes with all of the required equipment. It sounds wonderful to possibly avoid giant expenditures when the tractor, combine and agricultural equipment is part of the sale. However, taking the seller’s word may leave you for an unwelcome surprise. How old and effective is the equipment? Has it been properly maintained? Is there a regular maintenance schedule that is followed or has the previous owner tinkered and toiled on their own? No one wants to purchase a lemon regardless of what type of vehicle it is. Find out where you stand with a machinery and equipment appraisal from Property DNA Group.


Cropland, Pasture, Irrigation and More

Your livelihood often depends on the tools you have to work with. Ensure your farm prospects are as advertised with a comprehensive appraisal report. Property DNA Group is happy to meet up with you at your earliest convenience.

Understanding the condition of your current land, which upgrades you will need to budget for and any remediation that needs to happen is priceless. Book your machinery and farmland appraisal Alberta with us today!

Phase 1 Environmental Site Testing

Was the property used as an illegal dumping ground? Are there mountains of oil cans and dirty fill polluting your future crop locations? If the price seems “too good to be true,” it very well may be. Let us deliver the history of your property and help you determine if the soil, water and land is everything you hope it will be.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Testing is an excellent choice for people who want to be confident about the quality of their land. It is helpful when you are dealing with any kind of questions about previous land use. Sometimes, the neighbours’ property and activities can adversely affect your property’s health and well being. If run-off, certain agricultural sprays or chemicals have been used, they can potentially create health concerns for your livestock or crops. Property DNA Group can deliver the answers you need to succeed!

Book Your Machinery & Farmland Appraisal Alberta Before Winter Sets In!

It is excellent to view the property and all of your components before snow-drifts start settling in around your machinery! We will come out anytime. However, if you have a sale pending, we encourage you to contact us ASAP! Don’t let Old Man Winter ruin any of your potential plans by covering pertinent items with loads of snow.

Contact us today to set up your machinery and farmland appraisal Alberta! We look forward to seeing you!

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