Farm Appraisals

It is important to have an accurate perception of the value of your property before beginning the arduous process of selling a major asset.  Feel secure in the knowledge you will be receiving the full value of your farm. Especially when dealing with a specialized asset like agricultural reservers and farms our clients in all of Western Canada are at ease in our hands.

Farm appraisals are completed for reasons such as:

  • Mortgage financing
  • Property purchase / sale
  • Relocation
  • Income tax
  • Estate planning
  • Litigation
  • Assessment appeals
  • Expropriations
  • Partial takings

Available for clients in all of Western Canada

Property DNA Group has completed appraisals for a variety of farms such as:

  • grain/cereal farms and land
  • specialty/vegetable crop farms/greenhouses
  • vineyards/wineries
  • aquaculture farms
  • dairy farms
  • beef farms
  • hog farms
  • poultry farms (chicken / turkey)
  • hobby farms
  • grain elevators
  • meat / poultry processing facilities
  • recreational land
  • forestry land / woodlots