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Appraisal of Machinery and Equipment Can Save Your Farm Thousands

Appraisal of Machinery and Equipment Can Save Your Farm Thousands


Your farm and agricultural livelihood often rely heavily on various forms of equipment. From giant combines to tractors, conveyors, hoists and other interior barn equipment, it is easy to see how an appraisal of machinery and equipment can save you money.

Viewing the Farm

It can be easy to get swept away in a property and its potential. Clients often love the way the land rolls and how the home sits. Falling in love with certain aspects of a piece of property often means overlooking the issues inherent to it.

Without a critical eye, finding faults with the land or its assets can be an ordeal. Especially with acreages, it can take ages to view every detail. A farm appraisal can help fill in those missing pieces to give you a fuller picture.

Outbuildings, water accessibility and how the house is situated are all vital factors. It can be easy to dismiss the farm equipment during the process since there is so much to take in.

Proudly Serving Western Canada

That’s where we come in! Property DNA Group can help you assess the details with an appraisal of machinery and equipment. This process can save your farm thousands of dollars.

Imagine discovering after the sale that you are up against expensive farm machinery repairs. If you have livestock or crops to depend on, that could be devasting. Understanding and removing risk from property purchases is our goal – we will ensure that the price you pay translates directly into the value of what you are buying.

Let Us Decode N’ Analyze Your Equipment

No one wants to buy a lemon… especially acres or hectares of one! Discovering your financial limitations and how well your equipment has been maintained is priceless.

We are happy to meet you on your property anywhere in Western Canada to offer a comprehensive report. Don’t skimp out on an appraisal of machinery and equipment, particularly if you will be needing those items to run your new farm.


Appraisal Of Machinery and Equipment

The prices of agricultural equipment continue to climb. It is better to find out if your machine has undergone continuous, regular maintenance rather than learning it’s on its last legs.

Logbooks and maintenance records go a long way in providing a history of the equipment. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that your equipment has been properly looked after instead of simply taking someone’s word for it?

We Are Members of the Appraisal Institute Of Canada

Our dedicated team is passionate about delivering the facts. We know your entire real estate dreams can potentially hinge on what or report yields. We are happy to help clients find the productive land they are seeking with the equipment running as advertised.

It is always fascinating to find out more about the place you are thinking about calling home. Our comprehensive property appraisal report delivers the facts you are wondering about.

Want to learn more about our perspective and what a qualified appraiser is looking for with your appraisal of machinery and equipment?

Put the Guesses To Bed, and Call Us Instead!

Attaching a financial figure to giant pieces of equipment takes experience and a trained eye. Our professional team specializes in piecing the puzzle pieces together.

Real estate is typically one of the largest investments in our lives. Protect yourself from unnecessary and avoidable expenses. Understanding the current condition of your property and the items it takes to run it can make the difference between purchasing your dream property or accidentally a nightmare.

We are excited to deliver the financial breakdown with your appraisal of machinery and equipment. Reach out today and let’s get started!

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