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What Are Lethbridge Farm Appraisals Based On?

What Are Lethbridge Farm Appraisals Based On?


Lethbridge property appraisals deliver vital information pertinent to buying and selling. Any time you are conducting a real estate transaction, it is essential to have a property appraisal completed for peace of mind. Understanding the value of your land and farm equipment can help you determine if you are asking a fair price for listing the property or if you are paying the proper amount when it comes to purchasing. Lethbridge farm appraisals are based on many things including:

  • Location (proximity to larger centres)
  • Agricultural Property
  • Equine Properties
  • Livestock Operations
  • Supply & Demand
  • Buildings
  • Size
  • Improvements

Determining Land Valuation

Property DNA is happy to travel anywhere in Western Canada to conduct your property valuation. Understanding the criteria that your Lethbridge property appraisals are based on can help you determine if you are purchasing your dream property or something that will require years of work. If you are in the market for a working farm opportunity, we highly recommend adding a farm equipment and machinery appraisal to pinpoint how useable your farm gear is at the time of purchase.


Lethbridge Farm Appraisals: Finding Your Dream Property

Having a professional opinion and comprehensive report can potentially save you thousands of dollars. What is the state of your agricultural livelihood? It can be tricky to view a large property and all of its’ equipment with the naked eye. If you have a particular crop or livestock business in mind, these details can make or break your future plans. Let us help you protect one of the biggest investments in your life. We’d love to meet you on-site at your earliest convenience.

Popular Reasons To Book Lethbridge Farm Appraisals

Ensure that you have the financial details sorted prior to your next property sale or purchase. Our Lethbridge farm appraisals can help you with succession planning and capital gains with tax evaluations. Don’t assume anything in terms of buying or selling when you can have solid financial facts instead. Contact us today to get started.

Best Time Of Year To Book Your Property Appraisal

While the spring and summer months may allow us to view the property without snow, the reality is that people buy and sell all year round. It is better to obtain a visual during the warmer and drier months; however, our professional team has offices in Alberta and we are familiar with the storms and the snow! We are available to offer our expertise at your earliest convenience. We would never recommend not having a property inspection as there is much information to gain regardless of the time of year.

Let Property DNA Group Decode N’ Analyze Your Farm

We know how important any property purchase is…especially when acres or hectares are involved. If you are looking for more information about what the land was previously used for or the condition of the soil, we can help! We also conduct Phase 1 Environmental Site Testing and can provide you with a detailed history of your land. This is vital if you are considering an organic option or want to know if your crops will thrive. We work in the Lethbridge and surrounding areas. We look forward to meeting you at the farm!

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