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What to Do Before You Move Your Business to a New Location

What to Do Before You Move Your Business to a New Location

Congratulations! Your business has expanded to the point where you need to move to a new location. This comes with its own challenges, however. For example, you might be wondering how to get an appraisal on commercial property you currently own to sell it for more. How do you effectively move into a new space for your company? What about choosing a location to begin with? We answer those questions and more below. 

How to Get an Appraisal on Commercial Property–Find Out What Your Current Location Is Worth 

Before you start searching for a new location, it’s advantageous to set up a budget for what you can afford for a new place. To make a more data-driven decision it’s a good idea to find out how much your current location is worth first. That way, when you sell it, you can incorporate and allocate those funds into your budget.  

The best way to do this is by getting an appraisal on your commercial property. The appraiser can give you an accurate assessment of how much your location is worth before you decide to sell. 

Commercial property appraisal meeting

Do Your Research on Locations 

Although you might not be able to get your dream location right away, you can still make an informed choice by researching the best location to move your business.  

It’s important to keep in mind factors like the new property’s physical location and the space inside. For example, you might be in a high traffic area perfect for people to see your signage, but the interior space does cater to the workflow of your business and has awkward placement of workstations.  

Also, consider the amenities and perks of a location. There might be plenty of great shops to meet with clients even if the new office location doesn’t have a dedicated meeting room.  

Plan for Chaos 

You often find that with moving there are more things than you might realize that need to be packed up as well. With a commercial move there is an additional layer of challenge because it’s often not feasible to shut down your business for a day and move everything over all at once.  

To compensate for this, consider planning a staggered move of transitioning select departments over to the new location each day until every department has been moved. Just make sure that all the tools each department needs are moved over as well. Moving the first few departments may take more time as well than the rest to get set up because there made need to be adjustments as desks may not fit as previously thought, or access to certain amenities needs to be more readily available. 

Moving to a new location requires plenty of planning, research, and preparation, but it’s also exciting. Done properly, you can quickly settle into your new workspace quickly with plenty more room for growth. 

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