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How to Maintain and Improve Value of Your Equipment

How to Maintain and Improve Value of Your Equipment


Your commercial and industrial vehicles and equipment won’t last forever. That’s why taking care of them and maintaining them is crucial. Not only will this improve their performance as a vehicle, but it will also improve their value as they’ll be in better condition for longer. Plus, when you’re learning how to gather information for an equipment appraisal you’ll have the additional peace of mind from the understanding that they’re still worth a significant amount of money.

Below, we break down how to maintain your commercial or industrial vehicles and equipment so it keeps its value for longer.

Setting Up Policies for Maintaining Commercial and Industrial Equipment

When something breaks, it’s often more costly to repair it than to prevent the repair from happening in the first place with the proper, regular maintenance. When it comes to your own machinery, setting up schedules for the maintenance of vehicles and equipment can not only mean your machines run more smoothly and more efficiently, but also stay in better condition for longer.

Other important policies to set up are regular pre and post-inspections of vehicles and equipment. This will help keep your team safe, and catch any issues before they become major problems.

Examples of this include checking:

  • Tires and tire pressure
  • Fluid levels
  • All essential electronics work and operate normally

Plus, any other parts or components that should be checked specifically based on the machine.

Appraised commercial truck on highway

Set up the Right Education and Training on Machinery for Your Employees

A lot of commercial and industrial equipment and machinery isn’t intuitive to get started using, even small changes in models between years can change the way a piece of machinery is used. By giving your team the right education and training, you can help ensure that the equipment and vehicles you paid good money for stay in better condition for longer.

Not only will this help you avoid expensive mistakes by an employee using equipment incorrectly, but it will also lower downtime from vehicles or machinery being in a state of disrepair, and even save you money. Yes, training and education do take time away from work being done, but the long-term benefits mean that your valuable equipment and vehicles stay valuable for that much longer.

Overall, by setting up regular maintenance, ensuring equipment and machinery are checked before and after use, and training your employees on how to use all of it properly and effectively, your investment into your vehicles will pay off when you need an equipment appraisal.



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