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Commercial Real Estate Appraisals Alberta: Find Your Prime Location

Commercial Real Estate Appraisals Alberta: Find Your Prime Location


Gorgeous skies, extreme agriculture, friendly people and diverse cities have made Alberta a popular place to call home. There is a lot more happening in Alberta besides oil and gas. If it is time to find your commercial real estate venture, Property DNA Group can help you discover your prime location. Maybe you are interested in pursuing an established business or perhaps, you are a developer looking to build from the ground up? Regardless if you are seeking an industrial farm, or looking for the best place to facilitate your company headquarters, there are a variety of locations to behold. Commercial real estate appraisals Alberta can help you discover your prime location.

Commercial Real Estate Appraisals: Decode N’ Analyze

What type of commercial venture do you want to define your success with? Determining the condition of the property, location and building ahead of time with a commercial real estate appraisal can save you time and money. It can be disheartening to sink your investment into a dream only to discover that the structural components are in much worse condition than you anticipated and that you will be on the hook for repairs prior to opening up shop. Discovering if your commercial real estate up-to-date is vital for the health, safety and security of your employees, customers and overall bottom line.

Commercial Real Estate Appraisals Consider Rent Vs. Expenses

Delving into the condition of your property, how accessible it is for potential clients and business related details are some of the key differences between residential and commercial real estate appraisals. Our experienced and professional team can help you determine if your business will grow and be successful based on vital financials and site-specific details. Property DNA Group proudly serves all of Western Canada and we are happy to meet you on site at your earliest convenience. Our Machinery & Equipment appraisals can analyze the key components that are often associated with commercial endeavors. Many commercial business transactions include these industrial items as part of the sale. Find out if you are up against a bevy of potentially expensive repairs or if you are walking into a turn-key operation ahead of time with our qualified, unbiased opinion.


Farm Appraisals Provide Valuable Insight

Many people relocate to Alberta to pursue their dreams of owning a dairy or other agricultural venture. Property DNA Group offers Farm Appraisals to give you insight on the condition of the land, history and other agricultural details that have the potential to make or break your Alberta dreams. Certain locations will benefit from Phase I Environmental Site Testing to outline the condition of the soil and give you information on the property’s previous use. This information is invaluable for agricultural applications where chemical residue and polluted backfill can directly affect your organic farming status and the health of your crops, clients and employees.

Book Your Commercial Real Estate Appraisals Alberta Today!

Property DNA specializes in decoding n’ analyzing the details and delivering the facts! Don’t solely rely on the seller or real estate professionals’ word for the health and well-being of any residential or commercial property…after all, they are motivated to sell! On that note, real estate professionals are some of our frequent clientele as they often want to offer a complete and unbiased opinion for their sales.

We can meet you anywhere in Western Canada! Call Property DNA Group today to get started!

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