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Detailed Commercial Appraisals For Developers

Detailed Commercial Appraisals For Developers


Property DNA Group proudly serves Western Canada. We are happy to travel to your residential or commercial development site to offer detailed a detailed property appraisal. You want to give your investment the best chance for success. Of course, building in a safe, prime location is often paramount. There are many behind-the-scenes factors to take into consideration. It is vital to have all of the pertinent info prior to undertaking any real estate endeavor, particularly large developments. Let our experienced and professional team Decode N’ Analyze your potential property or commercial building. Common properties we provide commercial appraisals for include:

  • New and existing properties
  • Hotel, motels, resorts, timeshares
  • High rise & low rise office buildings
  • Mixed office/Corporate / Industrial warehouse facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Shopping centers / Plaza strip malls
  • Automotive centers / Car Dealerships
  • Medical clinics
  • Senior living facilities
  • Condominiums and other investment properties
  • Virtually all commercial real estate in Western Canada

Commercial Appraisals Protect Your Investment

Developers with a vision may have the ideal multi-family strata building or commercial business in mind. Determining how much potential the opportunity brings depends largely on the location, current condition of the building and property history. No one wants to accidentally build on an ancient burial ground or in a location with frequent plumbing issues. Find out if your selected commercial building or site has any potential skeletons in the closet that could affect business in the future or hinder resale value. In order to create a comprehensive report, we research the following:

  • Public records on prior owners
  • Zoning records
  • Transportation proximity
  • Cost analysis breakdowns
  • Rental comparisons
  • Demographic information
  • All interior & exterior features

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Commercial Appraisals Required For Financing

Your lender will want proof of the appraisal value as part of your real estate documentation to secure a commercial mortgage. Our detailed appraisal report outlines the condition of the commercial site or building. Determining how much the commercial project will cost to repair and run versus how much rent or equity will be obtained is a vital part of your business plan. Property DNA Group also offers a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment for bare land applications.

Book Your Unbiased and Accurate Property Appraisal Today!

Available for clients all over Western Canada, Property DNA Group looks forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied clients.

Contact us today to get started. We love helping clients find their ideal location to realize their dream. It is rewarding for us to deliver the details you and your lender need to succeed!

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