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Top Tips to Keep In Mind Before Replacing Your Commercial Trucks  

Top Tips to Keep In Mind Before Replacing Your Commercial Trucks  

Most heavy equipment isn’t overly affordable when you purchase it, so it makes complete sense when you’re selling to look for opportunities to make the most money back. However, selling your fleet isn’t as simple as putting out an online classified ad. You need to consider the current state of your equipment and research the best way to methods you’d like to sell through. You may also want to think about how to get an appraisal for commercial trucks and work that into some of your projected costs before you sell. 

How to Get an Appraisal for Commercial Trucks and Getting the Facts on How Much Your Fleet is Worth 

Naturally, the easiest way to find out exactly what your heavy equipment is worth is by going through an appraiser. They are experienced in understanding market value for commercial vehicles and other pieces of equipment and can accurately estimate what you can expect to get for them.  

Property DNA has been around for many years and our experienced team of appraisers can give you complete, accurate assessment for determining how much your fleet is worth. 

We’d also recommend doing a bit of research yourself to see what new and older versions of your equipment and vehicles are selling for on the market. This can help clarify the range your commercial vehicles are worth. 

Look Into the Best Way to Sell Your Equipment 

Speaking of selling, another aspect to research before jumping at the first chance of a sale would be how you’re going to sell your equipment or trucks. Do your homework on discovering the best selling method that works for you and your needs. That could mean choosing a local auction over equipment dealers, or maybe just setting it up as a private sale.  

Pressure washing heavy equipment

Consider Refurbishing Before Selling 

Often the better condition something is in, the easier time you’re going to have to sell it. Putting in a little bit of money to replace minor components from damaged glass to new parts and everything in between can pique a buyer’s interest.  

Although it might require spending a little more money, if you can significantly improve the value of what you’re hoping to sell it’s totally worth it. 

Don’t neglect cleaning or washing your vehicles and equipment either. Clean machinery is always more appealing so wipe down the items you want to sell before putting them up for sale. 

Talk to a Professional to Get the Best Value Before Selling 

Depending on the quantity of heavy equipment you’re selling, or even if it’s a more expensive piece of machinery, you may want to consider talking to a salesperson in your industry to get help. They can assist you with both the marketing side and help you close the deal faster. Additionally, they can help you find the best method for selling or propose ideas you may not have considered. 

Selling your commercial equipment can be challenging, but by following our tips above you should have a good idea of how to prepare to sell your heavy machinery. 



Get your heavy equipment or commercial vehicles appraised by our team of talented, experienced appraisers. Contact us today to book an appointment! 

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